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Attend a Boating Safety Class in Columbia, Danbury or Darien, CT & anywhere in the State of Connecticut

You'll have your boat license in hand by the time we leave

Have you always dreamed of owning your own boat? Maybe you want a watercraft to support your fishing habit. Or maybe you want to just cruise around on the lake with your loved ones. If you want to get out on the water, schedule a boating safety class at Boat Safe Connecticut, LLC in Columbia, Danbury or Darien, CT & anywhere in the State of Connecticut.

We'll walk you through the process for getting your nationally accepted boating license.

What's included in your class fee?

When you sign up for a private or group boating safety class, our instructors will provide everything you need. You'll have your license in hand by the end of the day. Trust us to provide you with the necessary:

  • Course syllabi
  • Navigation handouts
  • Boat Connecticut textbooks
  • Connecticut Boater's Guides
  • Boating equipment for hands-on training
We'll even provide the information needed to get a Conservation ID number and acquire your permanent boat license. After paying a $50 state fee, you'll never have to pay for another license, and it's recognized in all 50 states.

Don't wait to get started - schedule a class today.

Choose a reputable BBB-accredited boat instructor

Before you can responsibly take the helm of your own watercraft, you'll need to understand the ins and outs of boat safety. Not only will we teach you how to operate your vessel properly, we'll also explain all of the state and federal boating laws and requirements for being on the water. Our classes meet all of the Youth Operator's and Coast Guard's educational requirements.

Ready to get your boat license? Call 860-930-3183 now to schedule a private or group boat safety class.

Boat Safe Connecticut, LLC BBB Business Review