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Schedule a time and place for your private boat class in Columbia, CT or anywhere in the State of Connecticut

Want to get the most out of our boat classes? Schedule a one-on-one session with a professional boating instructor at Boat Safe Connecticut, LLC. Private boat classes can be held at any location in the Columbia, CT or anywhere in the State of Connecticut, including your rec room, entertainment room, garage or yard. You choose the time - you choose the place. We'll be there to provide the lesson.

Questions about our private classes? Reach out today to get answers.

Let us help you get licensed before getting on the water

Wondering what's included in our courses? You can count on our boating instructor to:

  • Provide an engaging lesson plan and answer all your questions
  • Submit the results from your class to the Connecticut DEEP immediately
  • Walk you through the process of purchasing and printing out your license
Private boat classes are available at any time. Call 860-930-3183 now to tell us when you're available.